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SEKC – Smart Eye Kiosk for community

Our proposed project is to a one-stop portable interactive kiosk for low cost fully automated comprehensive ophthalmic screening and tele-counselling in the community. When installed at public areas it will be accessible as and when patients require an eye check-up and counselling, instead of eye screening camps which are organised at the convenience of providers. The project seeks to expand the current health system capacity to provide basic population eye screening.

Seamless linkage with Telemedicine System: Allows option for the patient to share their eye scans and test results for grading and subsequently consult directly with doctors directly from the kiosk or using their mobile / pc later from the comfort of their home and at their convenient times. Alternatively, it will suggest nearest clinics where the treatment could be availed.

Primary Objective: To facilitate early diagnosis of the potential causes of reversible blindness in the community by use of screening technology through this automated kiosk, while also reducing dependency on manpower resources in tertiary eye care facilities in Singapore by building and implement in a digital and hardware hybrid solution for fully automated low-cost population eye screening in the community.

Secondary Objective(s): To develop and integrate a digital teleophthalmology system to facilitate remote tele-counselling with Ophthalmic physicians through the interactive hardware device for implementation of the whole solution in the community.Improved access to comprehensive eye screening. Reduced cost to the patient and to the Singapore health system. Increased awareness resulting from educational interactive information available on the kiosk and through connected software. Better outcomes resulting from early detection, increased awareness and improved follow-up.

The overall system would be leveraging the following key capabilities


PocDoc is a software that provides a collection of self service and assisted eye tests that a patient can perform online using a personal computer, tablet or mobile.

ECO (Eye Clinics Online)

To set up a comprehensive fully integrated digital consultation platform for community screening, preventative care and delivery of shared expertise to address barriers to healthcare access through a social enterprise business model in remote areas of the world. Digital solution: As an attempt to address this, Project i2Eye in collaboration with the well-wishers and supporters, would like to propose a unique online platform of Eye Clinics Online (ECO), which will be moderated by global panel of eye experts. Primary eye care centre from across the world will post complex cases online with all the details on this forum and

expert will be automatically assigned a case to discuss and provide his valuable inputs. The platform will be completely encrypted and all the necessary regulatory requirements will be in place for sharing patients clinical information. Also, the images, clinical records and medications can be shared using this platform. While the platform will definitely enable colleague ophthalmologist and physicians to interact with experts in management of complex eye cases, it will also allow patients to log in and seek guidance or inputs from the specialist. The platform will allow us to build up a standing database of complex ocular patients worldwide, which can further facilitate research and global collaboration. We would hence invite thevisionaries and philanthropists in supporting us generously for developing this platform and also spreading awareness about this platform to optimize the application of this platform amongst the primary eye care clinics.

ICYO (I See You)

I See You (ICYO) is a digital platform that provides a communication channel between doctors to doctors and doctors to patients. The platform enables both parties to interact with each other eliminating the need for patients to visit the doctor for non emergency situations. Using chat and video messages the patient can ask questions to their doctors and likewise  doctors can respond to them using chat or video messages. The interactions are offline and therefore does not need a doctor or patient to be online at the same time.

Project i2Eye

Project i2Eye is an overseas community involvement project (OCIP) based in Madhya Pradesh, India and led by students from the National University of Singapore (NUS) Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. Established in January 2019, we are a multi-faculty team comprising students from the faculties of Medicine and Computing. Our aim is to improve the health of locals in Madhya Pradesh, India through health screening interventions and education. We strive to prevent the progression of diseases in the community via early detection and follow-up.

In addition to holding free health screenings and consultations, we have developed our own biometrics system that captures and stores data from our screenings. Not only does this streamline our screening flow, but it also helps us keep track of the population’s health over the year and tailor our interventions to the needs of the community.

VIRAJ Healthcare Foundation: 

Vision: To build a vertically integrated healthcare services in third world countries with best global practices that values all

The Founders of the Viraj Healthcare Foundation (VHF) Limited strongly believe in helping the poor and underprivileged with their health and eyesight. VHF is established to encourage healthcare specialists in helping those at need with local visits and sustainable projects to build healthcare clinics or upgrade existing facilities in India and other third world countries. Where possible, the VHF will collaborate with other charities and organisations who have similar missions. Major area of focus of VHF will be ageing and health. The diseases related to reversible blindness such as refractive error, cataract, glaucoma, age related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy will be the major areas, where VHF will be working with team of health care professionals globally.

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